Are Taxes Legal in the United States?

According to the Sixteenth Amendment, the Congress is the one holding the power to both lay and also collect taxes on incomes, no matter what source they might be coming from and also without “apportionment among the several states” and without regard to a certain census of enumeration. You might have heard a lot of rumors concerning the matter of taxes across the Unites States of America and their legal or illegal character; so understanding the nature and the meaning of the Sixteenth Amendment should help clear all of these rumors and display a clearer view on the matter.

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First and foremost, you should know the fact that the 16th Amendment passed to the constitution in 1913, and the legal character of tax collection hence became official in 1916, when the Amendment was ultimately ratified. The main confusion that is given birth to concerning the matter of the illegal character of taxes across America rises from the fact that some voices claimed that during the 3 years that had passed between the passing and the ratification of this Amendment, some things have changed and that some sentences or words within the original Amendment were actually altered or slightly modified. These changes concern words that are not there anymore, in their original form, also. But the truth is that all of these claims are rather useless, as the illegal character of taxes was never proven by a great deal of brilliant minds during recent years, even though a lot of these “man versus state” conflicts have actually made it to the Supreme Court.

There have been a lot of ideas that have been put into practice in order to avoid actually paying these taxes on incomes, and there is an entire industry that has developed based on this particular issue. Folks have chosen to focus their entire attention on coming up with some more or less useful arguments they could bring to court in order to support their cause, and entire web sites and forum communities have been dedicated to this matter. They are actually called tax protesters and they are probably going to be sticking around for a really long time from now on; people are always going to at least try to carry out a strong battle against the state and refuse to offer part of their incomes and earnings “for free”. But if you come to think of all the support the state has been offering you and also the support the state is going to offer you for the rest of your life (just think in terms of personal safety controlled by the police or firemen), you should be able to see the bigger picture.

The state is actually represented by you, and you need to think that all the money you are going to be paying as part of your federal taxes on incomes are going to somehow return to you one way or the other. Whether you or the kids are going to benefit from a help offered by the state itself, time will only tell, but in the meanwhile, you should stick to being a responsible citizen pertaining to the United States of America and pay off.

Did You Know Personal Income Tax is Unconstitutional in the United States? Here’s why!

The year was 1895 and the US Supreme Court had just declared Income Tax as unconstitutional. For this reason changes had to be made to the Constitution to make it legal again. If you were not aware of this historical fact, it would be definitely worth your while to enroll in one of our accredited online MBA programs, which covers the history of the Income Tax in the US, amongst other interesting topics.

Enrolling for the best online MBA program will help you to understand how each US State was taxed proportionately according to its population prior to 1894. In that year Congress decided to impose a flat rate throughout the country, resulting in dissent and protests, leading the way for Congress to rule that this was unconstitutional, in 1895. You can learn more about this through the MBA program we have lined up for you.

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You will learn how the US governments from 1896 until 1910 relied heavily on elevated taxes for it’s revenues. Beer, tobacco and even chewing gum were taxed at a premium to fund conflicts during that time, such as the Spanish – American War.

It was in 1902 that most of the Acts decreeing taxes and levies were removed and this led to a budget surplus of around $77 million when comparing total tax receipts and total Federal spending.

Learn more here about how the Federal Reserve manages to keep spending at 1.7% of US’s GDP and how this allows Americans to breathe easier knowing that the Federal Government is not only able to survive a budget surplus on tax and spending but also maintain these levels. We could certainly learn a thing or two about the early 1900 knows that today’s federal taxation and spending would certainly have caused a ripple in the financial markets at that time with a rate of 1.7% of GDP.

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Utilization of taxes paid by civilians

The role that civilians play in the supporting activities that are strongly related to military operations is a highly significant one. Just like wetsuits are known to successfully protect one’s body from cold water, a similitude can be found when it comes to the essential role of civilian taxes in the life of militaries.

The founding of the United States of America has also brought about the presence of these civilians taxes, and the wars that the American militaries have fought only come to show us the huge importance of the civilian tax money. Supply and transportation needs, maintenance and communication or engineering and medical aid are all worth mentioning here, as the money that civilians are paying in terms of taxes is successfully covering all of these military needs and areas.

In other words, do expect for part of the taxes that you are paying on an annual basis to be used for the purchase of free government cell phones that are often times used during wars and war simulations in areas such as Iraq or Afghanistan. Also, know that a certain percentage of the same tax is also likely to be used to cover drug treatment center expenses for injured militaries during the same wars they are fighting in the name of their country. Plus, you are not solely bringing your contribution to the medical treatment or communication needs of these militaries, but you might be also covering their simpler means of survival as well: you could be covering their pizza dough expenses, or the price of the meatball cans and water bottles that are part of their daily eating regime in boot camp.

The taxes that are currently paid by civilians are not used to cover any unnecessary expenses such as some Africa Safari expeditions for U.S. army superiors, but rather the crucial survival and military needs of these folks. Plus, these taxes that civilians have to pay have continued to alter their character as time has passed by and as more wars were fought by American soldiers. Differently put, these civilian taxes have been used for equipment repair purposes, war supply contracting and similar military needs – and hence the contribution of civilians has continued to increase.

However, concerns have also developed revolving the matter of the benefits of civilians. We are talking about the overtime pay rates or tax exclusions, but issues such as bonus plans, life insurances and annual leaves are also to be taken into consideration. These are of course problems that require a great deal of attention and which cannot be treated as superficially as the search for some good contractor leads in your area. Doing the proper type of research should aid you gain a better grasp of these topics.

How Tax Implementation Helps in Progress of a Country

In terms of search engine optimization, or zoekmachine optimalisatie in Dutch, when you type “what income tax is used for” in a search engine, the first page shows details on the ways tax implementation helps in progress of a country. There, it is shown that the income taxes paid by the working people go to various projects like funding for public schools and defense, medical and scientific researches, healthcare, roads, fire and police protection, food and housing, social security, public libraries, unemployment benefits, among others. If you work in a professional institute as a professional, there might also be a professional tax aside from income tax. Thus, there are two different taxes deducted from your salary, and you should always be glad for serving your nation in two sure ways. Like the income tax, your professional tax will also go to your local government to help fund its broad assortment of projects.

So, whenever you, or your family and friends, use Medicare benefits for back pain or any health problem, you must feel really happy that you are somehow part of such benefits. Furthermore, every time you hear about research breakthroughs on new medications, you should smile because you are also part of those remarkable milestones. The list can go on and on. Look around you and be proud to see roads being repaired or constructed, public school buildings being built, and the like, when you are on the streets walking, and driving your car or riding a public vehicle. Speaking of driving or riding a vehicle, if you meet a mishap along the way and you do not have enough money, you can request for a defender among the car accident lawyers in the Public Attorneys’ Office in your area. And to make the legal proceedings smooth, you should do your part by cooperating with the necessary procedures.


There are indeed huge reasons to take pride of helping your country by paying taxes. Unfortunately, it is a fact that many people do not want to pay any tax. But you must not blame them because their reasons might be valid, and these should be respected. Therefore, when a friend noisily complains about why there is a need to pay income taxes, take it lightly and do not judge the person as being unpatriotic right away. He/she might just have sensible reasons for complaining so, such as personal financial difficulties. In that case, that person is not alone in this predicament since there are many others who feel the same way. Actually, low-income people do not have to pay income taxes, with the details depending on your government’s guidelines. After letting the said person complain about paying taxes, advise him/her to watch online tax issues for enlightenment or guidance so that in the process, the negative feelings will be replaced with positive ones. Then, he/she might end up paying taxes happily. And, will it not be a great sensation to have helped both your government and your friend? As the saying goes, to hit two birds with one stone is awe-inspiring.

How to get rid of your taxes?

Since time immemorial, taxes are part of human existence. From birth to death, we pay taxes every moment of our lives. What are taxes? Why do we need to pay taxes? Is it possible to get rid of all taxes? Are there ways to reduce taxes?

Tax is payment charged by a country’s government on products, certain services, people’s earnings, or legitimate activities. A government agency is tasked with regular collection of taxes from both native and foreign residents. Depending on a country’s regulations, failure to pay taxes is punishable by law.

There are different kinds of taxes, like income tax, value added tax, and sales tax. If you’re from the U.S. and you hire San Diego Hardwood Flooring experts to fix your floor, you’ll be paying services tax. Try to find jobs near you, get hired, and you’ll be deducted an income tax.

If you’re a web developer purchasing dreamweaver templates online or purchasing gadgets via nomorerack using your credit card, you will be charged with sales tax. If you’re putting up a flower shop named Flowers Victoria BC, you’ll be charged with business taxes.

Every country is run by some form of government. Obviously, the government needs money to make all operations and services run seamlessly and continuously. Where then does the government get all the money? It’s from our taxes. In essence, our taxes are the lifeblood of our government. Our taxes are spent to build public schools, pay all government officials and employees, install street lighting, maintain public roads, and provide protection to make our country safe and peaceful.

What will happen if all of us stop paying taxes? Aside from possibly getting ourselves jailed, the whole country would virtually shut down. Imagine a country without an effective police or military force. The whole place would be in total anarchy.

Throughout history, there were unsuccessful attempts to abolish taxes through the establishment of alternative forms of government or society. Economic giants, like the U.S., have proven that efficient collection and wise use of people’s money will lead to economic growth. After all, paying constituents deserve the best possible service its government can give.

There are ways to reduce tax. Depending on your country’s laws, you may apply for tax exemption. According to Wikipedia, tax exemption may be granted “…to certain organizations, persons, income, property or other items taxable under the system.” The qualified taxpayer may have either a tax break or a reduced tax rate. You may also apply for tax shelter which is a method of reducing taxable income. Each country may have other programs to give taxpayers the opportunity to reduce taxes.

Due to lack of viable alternatives, taxes are here to stay for now. The good news is there are ways to reduce tax so that we have more money to spend for our family needs. To know more about taxes, click here for more information. To view source of your country’s taxes, just visit site the tax collecting agency of your country.